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Governments are faced with an increase of cyberattacks that are a threat to their national security. On top of defending the homeland they must now defend in the digital landscape. Adversaries can use their skills to break into building systems and networks and steal sensitive data. Our security professionals help defend Government organizations by providing security operations services in addition to performing risk assessments and penetration tests for various government organizations.

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The financial sector has been classified as a critical infrastructure that has a direct impact on national security. Protecting financial organizations is imperative to the country’s economic backbone. A security breach to an organization in the financial sector could cause extreme financial loss as well as a loss of consumer confidence and damage to an organization’s reputation. DataLock professionals are keenly aware of how vital this sector is to the nation and help protect critical infrastructure by providing security risk assessment and advisory services.

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The aerospace industry is an important sector of the economy. It allows us to travel great distances in a short amount of time. It has also led us to explore space. Companies working within the aerospace industry hold information that is vital to their existence. These organizations spend billions of dollars on research and development as well as operations. They hold valuable information which if stolen could lead to considerable financial loss. DataLock works with these organizations to ensure that their intellectual property is protected so that they continue to thrive in the sector. In addition, we assess organizations that are required to comply with government identity standards and provide them with recommendations on how to comply with the standards.

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Defense Industrial Base

The defense industrial base face many threats against their data and confidential information. Strong data and network security are essential to brand credibility for the industrial base. As new security requirements are mandated by the Department of Defense (DoD), the defense industrial base must take proactive Cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data. Increased cyber situational awareness is needed to be more proactive in their security efforts. The DoD has mandated that organizations obtain the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) to ensure that they meet minimum cybersecurity standards. DataLock provides assessment, consulting and cloud services to help meet these requirements.

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The healthcare industry is an important sector as it contains valuable data about patients as well as personally identifiable information. In addition, cyber criminals can obtain access to medical devices that are responsible for maintain the health of patients. Protecting medical facilities from hackers is a job that we take seriously as it may literally result in a life or death situation. Our professionals have helped healthcare organizations by performing risk and vulnerability assessments.

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Cloud Providers

With the trend of moving government as well as corporate systems and data to the cloud, there is an opportunity for hackers to exploit weaknesses within cloud configurations. In addition, there is a lack of understanding between the cloud service provider and the consumer which can lead to gaps in security. These weaknesses and gaps can lead to information leakage, loss of data, and loss of availability of critical assets. Our experienced cybersecurity professionals are experts in cloud security and help cloud service providers by developing secure cloud architectures and advising them on how to comply with security standards. We also help organizations migrate to the cloud.

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The Maritime sector provides important services to the country to include tracking ships and delivering weather data that helps forecasters determine the weather forecast and help identify when life-threatening weather is approaching. DataLock provides professionals to the Maritime and Coastal sector by performing security assessments to identify risks with technology implementation that help support the sector.

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