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Global manufacturing is innovating at an unprecedented pace, the interconnectedness of smart factory technologies offers many advantages – supply chain optimization, collaboration across functional areas, improved asset management, increased productivity, real-time identification and remediation of issues, reduced downtime for preventive maintenance – but they also expose downstream technologies, physical processes, and intellectual property to potential cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

There is a shrinking gap between physical and cyber infrastructures, with cyber-physical systems integrating all aspects of the supply chain. The willingness and ability of cybercriminals to target and exploit manufacturing cyber-physical systems increases daily and many OT assets aren’t equipped to defend against them and attacks on IIoT devices have a domino effect.

Our team prevents cybercriminals from undermining the value smart factory technologies provide and allows you to use the IT side of things to gain crucial insights into the way your OT is functioning. From concept and design to integrating into existing operations, we'll help organizations develop and implement the industrial security solutions and controls they need to manage cyber risk.