Industries Served

Defense Industrial Base

Cybercriminals can operate from anywhere in the world, exposing our Defense Industrial Base (DIB) to risks from both physical and cyber threats. Malicious actors and nation-states are continually getting more sophisticated in developing capabilities to disrupt, destroy, or threaten our way of life.

Our national ability to produce advanced weapon systems is critical to maintaining U.S. national security objectives. With an industrial base consisting of over 200,000 companies, supply chain complexities are vast and can expose our nation to third-party risks at every connection point.

Our government can only move so quickly, and the bad guys pivot rapidly from one threat vector to another. DataLock is mission-focused to defend the United States against all enemies. We work daily to mitigate the massive cyber risks we face as a nation by providing forward-looking research, development, test, and evaluation for the Department of Defense.

We work alongside of and are embedded throughout critical government agencies to inform cybersecurity strategy, secure federal systems, protect the U.S. government’s supply chain, assess the cyber-readiness of the U.S. contractor base, and safeguard infrastructure, privacy, and sensitive data.