Security Operations

The heart of protecting your IT assets starts with security operations.

Security Operations Overview

Security Operations is at the heart of protecting an organization's IT assets. It is what allows an organization to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from an incident. DataLock Consulting Group can provide your organization with experts in security operations to protect your organization and recover from cyber-attacks.

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Program Management

A key factor in building a successful Cybersecurity program is to ensure that the program is managed correctly. DataLock utilizes the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) methodology and can manage your cybersecurity projects and programs to ensure programs are delivered within the required parameters, on-time, within budget and with a high level of quality.

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SOC Support

Security Operation Centers are at the heart of an organization’s security. They provide security services such as security monitoring, incident reporting and response capabilities, and vulnerability scanning and management. DataLock Consulting Group can provide SOC personnel who specialize is intrusion detection and prevention, incident response, vulnerability scanning and malware analysis.

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Vulnerability Management

A key part of an organization’s Cybersecurity program is its ability to detect vulnerabilities located on IT assets. Many organizations will typically run a network scanner designed to detect vulnerabilities on network assets. This type of a scan will typically detect operating system and network equipment vulnerabilities. In today’s complex internet connected environment, many organizations make data accessible through various means, such as web portals. This requires web application scanning as well as scanning of the underlying databases. In addition, it is important to scan assets to ensure compliance with national standards and organizational baselines. Most companies will run vulnerability and compliance scans, provides the stakeholder with the results and leave the responsibility to the stakeholder to interpret the scans to determine the next steps. Our value lies in the interpretation of the scans. We provide an explanation of the results, assist in identifying false positives, identify the true risk to your systems using our risk assessment methodology and provide a recommended course of action. We can also provide vulnerability tracking throughout the entire vulnerability life cycle so that you don't lose track of the vulnerabilities within your environment. Our scanning services include:

  • Operating System and Network Scanning

  • Database Scanning

  • Web Application Scanning

  • Static Code Scanning

  • Compliance Scanning

  • Scan Results Interpretation

  • Vulnerability Tracking

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Continuous Monitoring

NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-137 introduced the concept of continuous monitoring in which organizations maintain ongoing awareness of information security, vulnerabilities, and threats in order to support organizational risk management decisions. Part of our continuous monitoring service includes, providing a continuous monitoring strategy customized to your environment. Once a strategy has been created, DataLock Consulting Group can implement and execute your strategy.

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Advanced Persistent Threat

Cyber-attacks have evolved and become more sophisticated and stealthier than ever. Attackers are constantly looking for ways to get access to your data. By persistently using social engineering, supply chain compromise, and other traditional techniques, adversaries try to deploy malware that can go undetected by an organization for months. Once they have penetrated your defenses and exploited your vulnerabilities, they capture all of your valuable data. We can help you identify the right technology and the right training programs to help protect you against APT’s and provide professional who can identify APT’s in your environment.

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Penetration Testing

Organizations often feel a false sense of security because they have undergone the authorization process and scanned for vulnerabilities. In reality, these measures do not truly test the security capabilities of your system and your organization as a whole. Penetration testing attempts to circumvent the security features and identify weaknesses in your systems and on your networks. Our comprehensive penetration testing includes external and internal testing.

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